All the Good Things in Life

You might wonder what comes after this curious phrase. When you encounter things that cause you to feel worried and pained, you begin to contemplate all the various things you could have done to avoid these feelings. You start to regret and feel guilt over your past decisions that have led you toward a complicated path. Alas, what I believe to be the saying should be like this;

 “All the good things in life… are not what they seem to be.”

What we think is the whole canvas is just the tip of what should be the entirety of an iceberg. Every day we strive to make good decisions. These decisions help us grow and become the people who we ought to become. However, it is not every day we feel satisfied with the progress we’ve made. Some days we feel happy, and some days we are left to wonder how has everything turned inside out in just a blink of an eye.

Many perish because of all the unfortunate circumstances that came their way. What we think is the best may have an impending doom waiting on the other side. Truth be told, nobody will ever know what will happen in the future. It is best to be ready when situations go sideways. A plan B will always be handy in times like this.

The truth will always set you free. Whenever you feel like the odds are growing against you, the strength you have and the courage you possess will guide you through the depths of a peaceful thought. There exists no extent to which one is a hundred percent safe from all distress and danger this world possesses. The least you could do is to embrace the reality you are standing on and see how you can make your community a better place.

Therefore, all the good things in life will always be in a form to which you expect it the least. They don’t come a vacation package at a paradise island nor they are a pot filled with gold. Instead, they are love and friendship, honesty and wisdom, and most of all, peace.

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