Finding Yourself Outside Your Comfort Zone

The task of finding yourself in a sea full of strangers is a difficult challenge one must face eventually. There are frightening days filled with doubt and fear of not being enough for the world, while there are also days when we feel satisfied with our life’s achievements. However, uncertainty often gets the better of our sanity. We treat ourselves as if we are dependent on earthly commitments anchoring us in this temporary world, allowing our principles to be rooted in happiness that does not extend beyond the soul. But it is, as they say, life will never be as simple as taking candy from a baby.

Finding yourself is one thing, but finding yourself outside our comfort zone is a journey we sometimes choose to avoid. The changes this journey brings to our lives are undeniably terrifying. From the comforts of our home to the safe premises of our family’s protection, we often disregard the wonders of the outside world in fear of the unknown.

However, there is a certain cost to living under the roof of your comfort zone, and that cost is our individual growth.

You will never truly realize what you are fully capable of unless you take the leap of uncertainty and discover things for yourself. Individual growth is a significant phase in life’s worthwhile adventures. People often discover themselves- their true selves- their purpose, calling, vocation, whatever you call it, under horrible circumstances. When we suffer great loss and downfall, we tend to look at our lives from a different perspective. The moment we encounter discomfort, we seek to eliminate such feelings by looking at possible solutions that can lead to our success.

Failure is not a failure when you have learned something from it. Remember, change can be quite frightening. However, what you should fear the most is stagnation.

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