Finding a Purpose Requires Sacrifice

“You understand me, don’t you? I could no longer make compromises to get back to a so-called normal life. So, I have chosen to follow the path that my heart has recognized. I don’t know what will happen to me because what lies before me is unknown. I just hope I’ll be able to bring something positive to these wonderful people.

I respect you too much to ask you to wait for me, so I release you of your commitment to me. Please forgive me if I make you sad.

With all my love,

Paul.”—page 78, “Blood for Freedom.”

The story of Paul is an interesting one. Right in the beginning, his family members described him as “lost” and living dead as he struggled with his new reality. After his brother’s tragic death, he has been coping with his issues in his own way until he realizes he needs to do more.

Thus, sets his adventure off to Guatemala for two years to help with missionary work.

As he begins his new journey, he meets several people who have taken the time and energy to welcome him into the small village of Concepción. From Father Callaghan to José, he knew deep in his heart that he had finally found his purpose.

Unfortunately, finding his purpose also requires sacrifice. As a result, he decided to let go of his fiancée back home. After dealing with his brother’s death and knowing what he must do to help the people in the village, he could no longer expect Louise to wait for him. He even acknowledges that a big part of whom she knows died along with his brother.

Overall, it was heartbreaking but a very mature way of moving on. Sometimes we must understand that being an adult means making hard decisions that would hurt us less in the long run. When we know what we must do, and we know it could potentially harm our loved ones—we know we have the responsibility to do what is right instead of what is easy.

As such, Paul’s decision clearly couldn’t be the easy one. I doubt that any of us can also relate to such decisions. Whatever the case, I do hope your decision was the right one. If it isn’t, I hope you find the courage to start anew.

by J. P. Piché

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