Knowing your Purpose

As a child who is taught to dream, a kind of question that is usually asked is, “What do you want to become when you grow up?” As time passes by, changes in directions and interests will eventually become evident. If that is the case, how then one should know his purpose in this world?

It is never easy to determine what you should do if the question of what makes you happy has not crossed your mind yet. Oftentimes, your happiness will cause sadness to others. But, what matters most is how you stand by it for a cause you think will make you glad —helping others, for one.

 In fact, this kind of inquiry is experienced by Paul Desilets, the main character in the historical fiction book Blood for Freedom: On a Mission Among the Mayas. His decision to go back to Guatemala and continue the fight for social justice with his friends there, speaks the truth of what he called a “new purpose for life.”

Knowing your purpose may either be rooted in a childhood dream or ignited by a reality that bothers your heart. The journey to determine such, is not at all an easy road, as experienced. Most of the time, it requires an increased level of self-awareness. This will help you examine these questions:

  1. What am I good at?
  2. To whom am I doing this?
  3. Will this be worth it?

Usually, answers are not just one click away. To know, one must patiently ask and unlearn existing beliefs that will not resonate with what bothers you. The journey will truly be uncomfortable. From scrapping what is expected of you until the establishment of a non-familiar and least taken road, your purpose will gradually reveal itself once you have come prepared. Is anyone truly prepared? That is the beauty of knowing your purpose, preparation is outshone by a sudden outburst of motivation that will endure through time.

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