Do Today

Do you ever think about being worthless? Do you ever doubt yourself whenever you fail something in life, be it a business endeavor or a career journey? As an individual who knows what it means to be a failure, and a failure did I become, I have realized that to become great, I must experience rock bottom.

So, here I am with a new blog for you! Here are a few tips on how to get back up whenever you feel like life is trying to bring you down.

Do today and be ready for tomorrow, for life will not give you an itinerary list for your future. You take every step, not knowing what comes next, and you have to always be prepared. It takes guts to gather the strength and be productive, so for as much as you can, just do today.

You are alone, but you are never lonely. You have your friends, family, and even nature to guide you through all the complex parts of life.

It’s never too late to try. Some people would think about their age, or some would talk themselves away from what sparks up their desires. However, when you know you love something, no one has the right to keep you away from doing just that. Not even yourself.

There are times in our lives when we feel like we do not belong in this world. When our actions are constantly criticized, and our name is repeatedly disrespected, we would often think that the world somewhat hates us for being incapable of doing things right. Sometimes, we ponder on the thoughts of running away from our problems or, worse, killing ourselves. But, when things get rough, it is important to know that everything is worth the try. “Do today” is what I always tell myself whenever I doubt my capabilities. It is never too late to start something. When you know you can, you should, and you will. 

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