A Generational Plague

Throughout millennia, generations have evolved from primary cavemen into civilization and, now, corporations. The years of development, creation, innovation, and discovery have led to a life of technological complexity among human beings. However, what brought us here today is not all good. Political disputes, uncontrollable diseases, and an absurd global market are just three of the many issues circling the planet. 

What troubles me the most is how humanity has slowly degraded into a culture of abuse, treachery, and greed. A “generational plague,” as I call it. Only a few will see how this has dramatically affected the whole civilization with rising crime rates, heavy corruption, and killings. This has paved the way for the large-scale destruction of communities all over the world.

ABUSE. This is a strong word that stands for the many injustices worldwide. It comes in many forms, which almost, if not all, people are suffering from. However, not all individuals will admit to any experience of abuse. Here are some main forms of abuse we might witness in your lives:

Verbal Abuse

As the name suggests, verbal abuse can be determined through how it is being delivered. Foul words and the horrible names you call someone can be regarded as verbal abuse. Even that time when you kept shouting at someone inferior to you because they made a mistake. Just like the saying that goes, “be careful what you say; words leave a permanent mark.”

Physical Abuse

The most common type of abuse there is. Domestic violence and child abuse are two types of silent battles that some families are experiencing at home. It is essential to be aware of your surroundings and keep an eye out for victims of this harsh reality.

A generational plague is amongst us, my friends. This has brought on so many inconveniences throughout the lives of billions of people. It is time we take a step toward justice and relieve our fellow brothers and sisters from the terrors of abuse they will bring into their lives.

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