The troubles this world is facing are showing the signs of the times. The constant battle between giving and taking from one another stretches across the globe with a strong influence of capitalism. However, there are times that no material good or any currency will be enough to pay for something priceless. And taking something precious so as to destroy mother nature, a vendetta against humanity is underway in the form of the worldly crises we are all dealing with.

When we take something from others, we are placing ourselves in a position of debt. Some people call it “utang na Loob,” a meaningful Filipino word that expresses just this instance. That necessary obligational debt to re-pay for what you have taken from another person. Remember when you’ve asked a friend a favor, and soon after, he claims that favor back in a few days? Or when your parents would scold you for not giving their due respect for raising you throughout your life. This is a common concern in Asian households where family is a sensitive subject. However, taking something from nature places us in a position where no escape routes exist. When we take down trees, kill animals for food, and destroy natural areas for inhumane purposes without giving love and care to the restoration of these natural resources, we are threatened by severe natural calamities and a toxic environment.

“Mother Earth is clearly urging a call to action. Nature is suffering. Oceans filling with plastic and turning more acidic. Extreme heat, wildfires, and floods have affected millions of people.” -United Nations, Mother Earth Day Article.

A common term referred to as vendetta translates to a personal movement against someone. It was commonly heard in the Italian communities before the 21st century, which would mean revenge in simpler terms. A vendetta against humanity is something we must fear because I know for a fact: that when mother nature attacks, many will surely perish.

by J. P. Piché

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