Discovering Spirituality

Sometimes it’s hard to understand how things unfold in our lives. One thing leads to another, and in turn, this then leads to a different thing. And then, all of a sudden, things go wrong, and you won’t realize it until the situation has gone out of control. When you come to think of it, there are different aspects in life that move in a harmonized melody to create what it means to be an individual. One of these particular aspects, an element commonly misunderstood or disregarded, is one’s own spirituality.

Discovering spirituality is a level of understanding that allows us to wholly connect with ourselves and the world. Our capabilities as an individual will become tenfold as each deed we perform shall be grounded on a truth we wholeheartedly accept. But how do we discover our spirituality? Here are two of the things I have realized throughout my years in this world:

Spirituality is not equal to religion. When we think of spirituality, we immediately associate it with religion. Yes, it is often the case; however, spirituality is not all religion when you come to think about it. Spirituality technically means having a belief that we are all part of something greater than ourselves. It believes that there is divinity beyond us, regardless of the form it takes (a God or a Creature, etc.).

Our Spirits are within us. It is by our hands and by our own beliefs that things will manifest. It is not through a chance encounter of a lucky charm or a take on destiny. We chose to be alive and witness the things we saw and will witness throughout our lives. No one will tell us how to profess our spirituality unless we let them. 

Discovering spirituality is a trivial task often misunderstood as being a cult or religious fanatic of some sort. But when you finally decide to seek what is truly within you and your environment, you see the light shining for you and only you. The newfound divinity will allow you to share your love for the world in ways you have never done before. 

by J. P. Piché

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