The Thoughts of a Dying Man

There are three things I’d like to ponder upon. The thoughts of a dying man are not as simple as staying alive in fear of death. Instead, it reigns upon life’s regrets as he proceeds to search for a life after death. These thoughts come in a trio. One, living for death; two, the home which we call Earth; and three, sacrifice.

  1. Living for Death

When we don’t live for love, we live for bloodshed.

And when we breathe the air of warfare, we infuse our minds and bodies with toxic gases. And insofar as the truth is concerned, being exposed to misery and confusion will only lead to people wandering in the dark.

  1. Our home, Earth.

“The Earth does not belong to man, it is man who belongs to the Earth.” – Amerindian proverb.

Sharing this line in an interview with, I have realized that some things in life are not supposed to be at all. The violence and the harsh realities that children, men, and women are facing are a sign of the dreadful times. We lurk in the darkening veil that is covering our skies and filling our minds with lies. People strive to be on top and take control of that veil. So then and there, the little regard for Mother Earth is ultimately diminished.

  1. Sacrifice

Our sorrows are caused by the never-ending pain and torture this world brings. The power to override our emotions and reset is nonexistent. We have to deal with everything as if we are robots incapable of getting hurt. There are things in life that trouble us to the extent of sacrifice.

Life wants something from us, dedication. Despite how big or small, if our lives demand it, we give it. Else, the thoughts of a dying man won’t be as relevant as they are today. We strive to be temporarily happy, constantly failing to recognize the greater pleasures in life.

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