We Are Part of a Whole

We live today as if there are no more extraordinary things waiting for us in the future. The social injustices and toxic capitalism is corrupting our day-to-day endeavors. We do something out of fear of starvation and the drive for survival. Life is not about thriving anymore than it is a place to be happy. It is now just a competition to see who would climb to the top and become the wealthiest person in the world. However, we must never forget that we are part of a whole, and as such, what we do dramatically influences the world as it is.

Everything happens for a reason. What we know and what we believe in are pieces of a ball that shapes everything in our community- our culture. We are molded by our past to be readied for the present. We prepare to face a battle that sooner or later will bring us to places we’ve never been before and make us see all the new things we have yet to discover.

We are part of a whole. We are part of one big cluster of reality from which our individual selves stem our own personalities, principles, and core values. The thoughts we hold from within are suppressed versions of our dreams and desires. Despite all the incongruencies and existential crises we undergo, we choose to be who we are.

“Culture is a sea-shell in which we hear voices of what we are, what we were, what we forgot, and what we can be.” – Carlos Fuentes.

The reflections I have pondered upon are greatly influenced by existential concepts as well as they are environmentally inclined. With humans leading a parasitic approach to life, the amount of bloodshed our Earth has had to face is heartbreaking. The essence of our race is slowly diminishing while it takes a dreadful turn towards a saddening substantial world. It is never too late to recognize our presence in society. One step could definitely make a powerful change; we just need to want it to make it happen.

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