Types of Friends

Our friends make our lives a little less agonizing. Like our family, we have our friends covering our backs and catching us whenever we fall. Individual preferences can mean having different types of friendships in different stages of life, but some people prefer to have constant relationships with their friends even through old age.

I have been through many friendships throughout my life, and from these friendships, I have found a home in each and every one of them.

Childhood Friends

These friends are my friends of youth. The innocent waves of laughter and fruitful playdates embody my happy memories from when I was young.

Teenage Friends

They are the ones that shared the crazy memories I had when I was transitioning into adulthood. Fun-filled wisdom emerged from my teenage years, some lessons I even carry today.

Academic / Work Friends

These friends are most of the time present during our academic endeavors. During the sleepless nights and the study days, my friends and I supported each other through the battles of each course coming our way.

Life Friends

They are the people who are always there for the good days and the bad days. Life friends are there for the intimate stuff we wish to keep private. The problems you want to deal with silently and the celebrations you want to have privately, your life friends got you.

They say home is where our heart is, and greater love is what we will find in the depths of our happiness. We sometimes feel that our hearts keep wandering off into the wilderness, searching for something they cannot find. For every hour of every day, we constantly wonder whether or not we will find our destiny sometime sooner than later. But we never realize that our destinies have been met through the relationships we have formed with our friends. All my types of friends are my home in their own significant way. They have become like family to me. I treasure them as I would treasure my own life. Their happiness is as important as mine, and I would never trade any other thing for the connection we’ve made.

Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.” – John 15:13

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